Al Sheikh Zayed City of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Unique Location  

Al Sheikh Zayed city is one of the second generation cities in Egypt. The city was established in 1995 by a financial grant from Al Sheikh Zayed Ibn Sultan Al Nahyan, late president of the United Arab Emirates. Al Sheikh Zayed is one of Giza Governorate’s cities, in Egypt, and also one of the distinguished districts in Greater Cairo (Cairo city includes 3 governorates: Qalubeyya, Cairo, and Giza). Al Sheikh Zayed city is located to the west of Greater Cairo, some 38 km far from downtown Cairo. The city’s total vicinity is about 10 thousand acres of residential, services, touristic and entertainment areas. Al Sheikh Zayed City has a unique location, as it is located midway between downtown Cairo and 6th of October city (a suburb area of Giza known for its industrial zone, luxurious compounds and private universities). The 26th July Corridor (highway) links Al Sheikh Zayed city to Lebanon Square in Al Mohandiseen select district. Al Sheikh Zayed city is bounded by the 26th July Corridor from the south, Cairo–Alexandria desert road from the north and the east, and Dahshour Road from the west. Dahshour road separates Al Sheikh Zayed city from the Green Belt and links it with Al-Wahat and Al-Fayyoum highways.  

Al Sheikh Zayed city has several entrances; Entrance No.1 on the 26th July Corridor that leads to 6th of October city, which is known as Hyper Entrance, referring to the famous Hyper One shopping mall located to the left of the entrance. Also, Entrance No.2 at about 1 km from Entrance No.1, on the same road that leads to 6th of October city. The New Urban Communities Authority buildings are located near this entrance. Entrance No. 3 is located on the Dahshur Road from its start at Juhaynah Square near Mall of Arabia. The City has three more entrances on the Cairo–Alexandria desert highway.

Entertainment and Shopping

The Al Sheikh Zayed city has a variety of shopping centers, such as Carrefour, HyperOne, Saudi, and near to Mall of Arabia, which is considered one of the largest shopping centers in the Middle East. The city also has many commercial malls and entertainment options, such as Arkan Mall, American Plaza, Tivoli Dome, and others. It is also near to many entertainment venues, such as “Magic Land” (inside Egypt’s Media Production City) and “Dream Park” inside Dream Land resort.

Hospitals, Medical Centers, Clubs, Banks, and Houses of Worship

There are a number of good quality service hospitals and medical centers in Al Sheikh Zayed city and in its close proximity such as, El Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, in addition to several clubs, such as Al-Ahly Sporting Club, Engineers Syndicate Club, Wadi Degla Club, Egyptian Shooting Club, in addition to state youth centers and sports clubs. Al Sheikh Zayed city has several branches of various state and international banks operating such as, HSBC, Piraeus Bank, CIB, Banque Misr, and National Bank of Egypt. The city has also several mosques and Islamic centers, as well as churches. Also, there are mosques inside gated compounds. In addition, there are several civil society and charity associations.


Schools, Universities, and Business Areas

Al Sheikh Zayed city has few state owned universities and research centers, such as Cairo University’s Al Sheikh Zayed branch and Al Nile or Zewail University. In addition, the city is very close to several private and international universities in 6th of October city. The city has several schools, including experimental, private, and international schools, such as the British School (BSC), the American School, the German School, in addition to a number of private and international schools inside SODIC or Beverly Hills compound like Vision and the British International School (BISC). The city has several top class and super class nurseries and activity and creativity centers. Also, the city is near from the large industrial areas of Abu Rawwash (close to Cairo-Alex desert road) and 6th of October industrial city, where several centers of car maintenances and services are based. Also, Al Sheikh Zayed city includes the Smart Village, where many national and corporate companies working in the field of Information Technology, communications, banks, business and financial sectors are operating.     


Infrastructure and Distinct Facilities

Al Sheikh Zayed city also has a solid and excellent infrastructure, especially in areas like electricity, potable water, and wastewater, communications, and executive and administrative services. There are large greenery areas and a good network of internal roads inside the city. The city is administratively divided into 16 districts, and each district is divided into what is called “neighborhoods” (localities). There is a  large number of residential buildings that were built by the public sector and dozens of residential projects called “compounds” that belong to private sector companies, which are also known as “Compounds”. A compound is usually fenced, gated residential community with green areas (landscape) and security services such as “Al Rabwah”, “SODIC Beverly Hills”, “SODIC Alegria”, “Hadayek El-Mohaniseen”, and many others. Also, there are fairly smaller size compounds, known as “Mini compounds”, such as, “Green 3”, “Le Bouquet”, or “Semi-compounds” such as “Waha Zayed”, “Al-Joman”, “La Ville”, “Rose Heights”, “Saraya Zayed”, “Lazurde”, “Green Residence”, “New Garden City”, and others which are residential communities with green areas and security services, but not gated or fenced.  


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